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This kit includes all parts needed to install a Heliocol solar pool heating system. The system utilizes the existing pool pump and an automated 3-way valve to push water through the collectors. Everything is in the kit except PVC pipe. No sure how many panels you need? See sizing guide





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Price: from $1,869.00

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Florida Excluded. Call for availability. Contiguous US shipping only.

Kit includes these parts:

  • Heliocol HC-50 panels (4’x12.5′) – number of collectors depends on kit selected(contact us if you require different sizes other than 4×12)
  • Aquastar GL-235 Controller package(including automatic actuator and 3-way valve)
  • (2)2″ Check valves
  • Stainless steel lag bolts for collector mounting
  • 3/4″ Vacuum relief valve
  • Panel clamps and O rings
  • 4 gator clamps per panel
  • (2) 2″ Ball valves
  • (4) Tubes of premium roofing sealant
  • (20) 2.5″ Black straps
  • 2″x3/4″ SxTH Reducer Bushing
  • 2″ PVC “T

Panel sizes available

  • HC-50 4’x12.5′ – $300
  • HC-40 4’x10.5′ – $280
  • HC-38 4’x9.5′ – $280
  • HC-30 4’x8′ – $260
  • 1′ sections are also available if space is restricted



Heliocol gator clamps
Gator Clamps. Heliocol’s patented Gator clamp mounting system eliminates the need for straps, securing the panels with fewer roof penetrations. The clamps also allow the headers to expand and contract with temperature variations, never cutting into the collector and never restricting water flow. Gator clamps and Heliocol panels are engineered for maximum compatibility with each other and your roof. The Heliocol mounting system is designed to attach directly to your roof trusses.



Panel Clamps. Heliocol’s patented panel clamps replace old-style rubber hoses and metal clamps that require regular rooftop maintenance and replacement. These durable, specially-engineered clamps never require replacement, never need to be tightened and, unlike rubber hoses, will not degrade and stain your roof over time.




Installation manual
Heliocol Spec Sheet
Heliocol vs the competition – A comparison guide.
Solar pool heating sizing guide – How many panels do I need?

Solar pool heating schematic