Discount Solar Water Heaters’ mission is simple: Offer rock bottom prices on solar equipment while still providing top-notch installation support from experienced solar installers.

We started as a local installation company in Central Texas. We install solar water heaters, solar pool heaters, solar attic fans along with a few other energy efficiency products. Not long after launching our website, we started getting calls from all over the country from do-it-yourselfers who were looking for systems that they could install themselves. More importantly they were looking for experts they could lean on to help design and size their systems, and assist if they had any questions during the install.

To date, we have sold products to customers in every state in America except Alaska and 10 different countries. Our list of commercial customers include The State of Texas, The U.S. Navy, Lake Technical College – Florida, The City of Austin, TheĀ Board of Cooperative Educational Services -New York, and many others.

We negotiate directly with manufacturers and buy in bulk to pass on the savings to you. We make solar affordable.