Will my solar water heater run out of hot water when there is no sun?
No. The system is designed to store enough hot water during the day to last you through the night until the sun is up again.  That’s why we use a big tank, it has a lot of thermal mass.

Why are your tanks so big? I only have a 40/50 gallon tank now.
See above. The tanks need to store the heat gathered during the day overnight to work efficiently. Further, the electric element inside the tank only heats the top half of the tank when there is no sun.

Can I still get rebates if I install myself?
Yes. The federal tax credit as well as state tax credits apply to the cost of the solar system. That means all the parts you buy for the project, as well as any money you pay someone that helps you. There are local rebates all over the country from utilities, cities, etc.. These program requirements vary so you’ll need to check on the particulars. Some local solar rebates require licensed or registered contractors to do the work in order to get the rebate.

How does the tax credit work?
The solar tax credit is different from a deduction. It is applied dollar for dollar against what you owe on your taxes. So if you get a $1,000 tax credit, you will either get $1,000 more dollars on your return, or you will owe $1,000 less dollars if you owe money at tax time.

What documentation do I need for the tax credit?
All you need is to keep your receipt. You don’t send it in with your taxes, you just have to keep a copy of the receipt in case you are ever audited. All of the equipment we sell is SRCC rated and eligible for the tax credit.

Does my electric water heater really use that much energy? The savings estimates seem high.
An electric water heater has two 4500 Watt elements. When one clicks on to heat water, you’re using 4,500 watts of electricity, more than most residential air conditioners, or the equivalent of 90 light bulbs! One hour of heat recovery at 12 cents per KwH would cost you over 50 cents. You see how this can quickly add up over the course of a month. In fact, many homes with electric water heaters spend more money heating water than on air conditioning.

Will my system be damaged by hail?
Our solar water heater collectors are made with tempered glass. The material found in bulletproof glass. If however, a bowling ball size chunk of hail broke your panel, your homeowners insurance should cover replacement.

solar water heater panels

Tempered glass, very tough and hail resistant.

What if my HOA doesn’t allow solar panels?
Most states now have laws that prevent HOAs from blocking the installation of solar energy

How much sun do I need to benefit from a solar water heater?
All you need is a south, east, or west facing roof that receives an average of 4 hours of sunlight per day to maintain heat in your tank for 24 hours. North or east facing roofs can be used in some circumstances by tilting the panel.

I am subject to the alternative minimum tax(AMT). Can I still get the Federal tax credit?
Yes. Federal bill H.R. 1 which covers installations performed January 1, 2009 or after lets you apply the 30% tax credit even if you are subject to the AMT. Meaning you would owe less than the AMT amount.

Why is shipping so expensive
Most of our products are so big and heavy that they must go freight. A typical kit weighs close to 800 pounds including the crates. Pricing in the freight industry can be volatile, and it takes special handling to move these systems around the country. That said, we are constantly working with freight companies to offer the best pricing. Ask us about shipping to a local freight terminal, where you can pick the shipment up yourself, this can save a significant amount of money on shipping. Keep in mind that unless you are in Texas, you don’t pay sales tax, which makes up for the shipping cost.